Polished Private Club - Unlimited Hollywood Bikini Waxing from Polished Nail and Beauty Lounge, Godalming

Unlimited hollywood bikini waxes for 12 months

Members are eligible for 25% off any other non promotional treatment bookings

Members are eligible for 15% off any non promotional retail purchases

Priority booking for the 12 months ahead

Priority booking for you at the Polished Private Lounge

Free gift on your birthday

Polished Nail and Beauty Lounge Terms and Conditions

Memberships are non refundable

Memberships are non transferable

Memberships start after the first payment has been made by direct debit

Memberships run for 12 months

Memberships are valid for the direct debit account holder only 

Monthly payments are payable on the 1st of each calendar month

Polished will inform you of any changes to the terms and conditions but does reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions or withdraw the membership at any time without notice

Polished reserve the right to refuse or cancel a membership when a member is not abiding by the terms and conditions

You have the right to cancel your membership before the 12 month expiry date but a cancellation fee invoice will issued

We determine your cancellation fee by calculating the treatments that you have had at the discounted rate against the full price rate at the time of cancelling and an invoice will be raised for the balance owed

For a hot wax hollywood bikini wax your hair must be a minimum length of 1mm 

Failed direct debit payments will result in your monthly booking being charged at full price unless your membership has been brought up to date before your appointment

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