JackSalon - Frequently Asked Questions

For Salons

JackSalon is rebranding as Queen of Memberships. Still here to make salon memberships easy, and the way the site works is no different.
Click "Add Your Salon" in the top menu to complete the signup process. Even if your signup is successful, your salon will not show until you have at least one membership package live for signups and you have submitted your business logo to phil@buildyoursalon.com
No changes can be made to salon membership packages once created as this would allow you to alter terms and conditions after a member has accepted them.
You can delete a package that has no current members by selecting "Current Members" and clicking to delete. be careful! There's no going back! You can 'Show' or 'Hide' membership packages to allow or prevent customers from signing up.
Contact phil@buildyoursalon.
There are no extra fees to members signing up. The JackSalon fee is 3% of your monthly fee, deducted as your members pay. This is in addition to Stripe fees. For Queen of Memberships Concierge signups the fee is 4%.
There is no limit to the number of different salon membership packages you can create. Try to to overwhelm your customer though - or consider linking to each package individually rather than to your salon profile.
For memberships priced at £50/US$60, you can request a chat-based signup instead of sending your customers to a website. Email phil@buildyoursalon.com for details.

For Members

Signup is easy - follow the link provided by your salon. Choose your favourite salon membership package and click to sign up. You'll be asked to create a JackSalon account and submit your card details through our secure gateway. Salon membership is instant.
Speak to your salon. Some allow you to include today's services, some require membership services to be specifically booked in.
Yes - Queen of Memberships allows you to have mutiple memberships in one salon or different businesses if you wish. Please note that all of your memberships will share one method of payment and you can only have one of each type of salon membership.
Cancellations are subject to the terms and conditions you accept on signup. You should contact your salon business to cancel.
Please contact your salon with your new card details. Please note it may take a day or two to update your card details, so please don't leave it until the last minute.